Do you?

It’s hard. Really hard. Nearly impossible maybe, at least for me. How can I learn to not care what anyone else thinks about me or what I’m doing?

Not that other peoples’ opinions aren’t important. And not that I’m going to toss out all of my compassion and empathy and relationships. But I can still get so caught in worries of how other people feel, or what they want, or what they think about me and my choices, and it slows me down and seriously takes the steam out of my sail.

In many situations I don’t get caught in this, and then…there are certain people who matter to me, and then their opinions matter to me, and then their opinions of me matter to me. And I most likely make up stories about what they’re thinking and then I react to the stories I make up. And. And. And.

Wouldn’t it be better if I got better at not caring? I think it would.

I’m not arguing for indifference. I’m not a believer in being rude. I care about people – especially the people I care about – and I want them to be happy and to have what they want. But I can’t let their judgment (or my perception of their judgment) of me and what I’m doing slow me down anymore.

I can have that gumption.

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