It’s New Year’s Day.

To many people, that’s a big deal. They’ve made their resolutions. It’s a new start. Things will be different from here on in.

It’s not a big deal to me.

My child told me that that might be because I try to be intentional every day. Who knows? I only know that I haven’t made a New Year’s resolution in years.

Yeah, I may have decided that I’ll make an even more conscious effort to drink in the good around (and within) me every day. I may have determined that I want to be even more joyful and positive, and to see what’s working and abundant rather than not working and lacking. I may have planned to laugh more, play more, guffaw more, giggle more, joke more, and frolic more.

But these aren’t resolutions to me, because I started them all last week. Or the week before. Or next week. Or ongoing.

Maybe today is a new start. I applaud you if you’re making changes for your better. But for me New Year’s is one more time to count my blessings, live my fullest, and laugh out loud.

You are all in my blessings list. Happy New Year!

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