How did I learn to love so deeply? I’m not really sure.

As I’ve shared earlier, when I dropped my daughter off at the airport, as she headed back to college for her last Winter Term, I sobbed the whole drive home.

But it wasn’t a bad thing.

Yeah, in some ways my heart was breaking. You would think I would be used to her leaving, after all this time. And I am. I really am fine when she’s gone – it’s the new normal.

And it wasn’t a bad thing that I was sobbing.

It wasn’t a bad thing, because it’s a reflection of how deeply I love. And I love how deeply I love.

But as I was driving, and sobbing, I kept wondering. How did I learn to love this way?

How did I learn to love so deeply, when I don’t remember being loved that way when I was a child? How did I learn to love and mother my children? How did I learn to open my heart – in so many ways, to so many people? How did I become so loving, so giving, so focused on others?

I don’t mean to talk about myself as if I’m so great. I just know that I love and I love deeply and I love fully. I love with all my heart.

And I’m not sure how I got that way. And I’m damn glad I did.

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