I’ve noticed the weirdest thing. I’m organizing during meditation. I’m making to-do lists and checking things off. I’m thinking through the intricacies and little details of my life. I’m remembering whom I have to call and what I have to get done.

And I’m supposedly meditating.

And I’m letting it be okay.

I find myself lost down a rabbit hole of tasks and responsibilities, not sure how I got there. I pull myself back to my breath. I hear myself reminding myself of something I need to not forget, and trust that somehow I’ll think of it later and pull myself back to my breath. (Although sometimes I meditate with a pad and pen next to me, so that I can jot down the tasks running through my brain so that I can pull myself back to my breath.)

I feel myself overcome with the lists of errands and phone calls and chores, and I take a deep breath, trust the universe will somehow remind me later, and pull myself back to my breath.

I don’t organize as much when I’m not deep in meditation. I’m not sure if it’s my mind showing me how frenetically I’m going, or if I have too many details I’m trying to take care of, or if it means nothing.

I just know that I organize during my meditation practice, and when I notice myself doing that, I try to smile, take a breath and dive back in.

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