I’m stopping. I’m pausing. I’m noticing.

I’m allowing. I’m basking. I’m enjoying.

There is so much love in my life, and for the past few days I’ve somewhat forgotten to let it in. I can get busy and caught up in to-dos. I can get frustrated or disheartened by what’s going on around me.

But love is all I need. And certainly, love is what I have.

So from this moment on, I’m focusing on the love around me and within me. I’m paying attention to all that’s good and all that feels good.

And when I forget, I’m going to start again. And again. And again.

I recently learned that our minds are like Teflon for the good, and Velcro for the bad – meaning the good stuff slides off and away and the bad stuff sticks. And sticks some more.

But we have a choice in that. I have a choice in that. I can choose, and choose again, to stick to my good and help my good stick to me.

Love is what I have. Love is all I need.

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