I can do it. I can choose to see what’s working. I can choose to see what’s good.

I have an option before me in every moment. Do I want to focus on a struggle, or do I want to focus on a joy? Do I want to see the challenges in front of me, or do I want to look for ease?

I sometimes choose ease. I sometimes choose joy. I’m doing my best to choose them more and more.

If something makes me happy, I can look at it longer. If someone makes me laugh, I can talk with them more often. If certain places, or activities, bring a smile to my face, I can immerse myself in them.

I can lean in the direction of what feels good.

I think we’re somehow sometimes taught that harder is better. That it’s more virtuous to wrestle our difficulties to the ground then to turn the cheek and look the other way. I’m a pretty good wrestler, especially for someone my size, but I’m learning, and relearning, and relearning, that I never seem to win those matches. And that they’re not worth fighting anyway.

I’m deciding to walk away. To let things be. To look at the sunshine, or a flower. To snuggle with those I love, and love those I see. To surround myself and my heart and my mind with pleasure and beauty.

And to lean in the direction of what feels good.

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