Allow yourself to have no agenda. This was what my yoga instructor offered the other day before our practice.

I don’t know that I’ve ever done that. Not really.

I was about to write that I have no agenda in my coaching, and that’s partially true. But if I am fully honest, my greatest agenda is to touch my clients and to provide whatever value they need. I’ll let myself be okay with sticking with that.

But no agenda in my daily life? I teach people to be intentional. Can I intentionally have no agenda?

I practice yoga because it’s fun, and for mental and physical strength and ease. Is that an agenda? I lift weights because it’s fun, and for strength and power. Is that an agenda? I am, as much as I can be, present when I’m with others and there to connect. Is that an agenda?

What is the difference between being intentional and present, and having an agenda? Is there a difference?

I like to think there is. To me, having an agenda is driving towards an outcome. It’s trying to “achieve” the yoga pose, or pushing whomever I’m with to my point of view. It’s writing and hopefully soon publishing my book not just to have impact, but to reach a certain pinnacle.

What is the difference between having a goal and having an agenda?

I think allowing myself to not have an agenda gives me permission to be more in the flow of what is. I still need permission to step, and color, outside the lines at times. I think it’s okay – and good – for me to be intentional. It’s okay – and good – for me to set goals and to know what I’m “after.”

And it’s even better, and more freeing, when I know where I am and where I hope I’m heading, and I allow the journey to unfold. My yoga practice is what it is today. My day is what it is today. My book is what it is today. My relationships are what they are today. My meditation is what it is today. I am who I am today.

This allows more space and peace, and more freedom and possibility. I can allow myself to be with what is and what unfolds, to know where I’m aiming and to take actions to get there, and to let it all be, with less of an agenda.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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