They’re simple sentences. They’re complex thoughts.

I’m wired – I’ve wired myself – to do pretty much anything but let things be. I’ve worked at this over the years, but my first impulse is still to stir things up, make things happen, and push a little harder.

That is the opposite of letting be, letting go, and letting in, right?

I’ve learned over the years to step back from my first impulse. I’ve taught myself to breathe instead of force, and to allow instead of holding on tightly…sometimes. I’ve taught myself to pause and to step away from my innate immediate response. I’ve taught myself to let things be. To let things go. And to let things in.

Clients have asked me how I’ve trained myself to take this slower, more accepting stance. I always tell them it’s a work in progress.

I remind myself to look for beauty and ease, and that everything is okay – maybe deep down, maybe in the long view, maybe if I search for it hard – but it’s okay. It’s really okay. I let it be.

I physically clasp my hands tight, and then open then to release…whatever. I give it up to the universe, to the forces of love that I’ve chosen to believe in and know as true. I remind myself to trust, that I’m safe, that I’ve made it this far, and that I certainly couldn’t have done that all on my own. I let it go.

I breathe. I allow myself to relax. I focus on all the love and beauty and joy in my life. I think of all the people I love, and all the people who love me. I remember laughter and hugs, sunshine and, as always, the trees against the sky. I let it in.

I may have wired myself to push, push, push and go, go, go, but I’m rewiring myself to let be. To let go. To let in. Day by day and moment by moment.

Let be. Let go. Let in.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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