This is enough

Maybe it’s our culture that has us gunning for more, more, more.

Maybe it’s my overactive sense of responsibility, or my highly sensitive guilt-o-meter.

What is it that drives us – or at least me – to need to do more and be more? What is it that has me convinced that where I am, and who I am, are not enough?

My yoga instructor offered the counterargument the other day. The freeing, space-causing, breath-enhancing counter argument.

This is enough.

Where I am right now is enough. What I’m doing right now is enough. What I have right now is enough. The yoga pose I get into is enough. The ones I can’t – that’s enough too.

It’s a mantra worth repeating because it reminds me to breathe and be. It reminds me to smile and relax. I sometimes run at such a speed that even when I slow down – and I mean way down – I’m still faster than others around me.

I can be at choice. I don’t have to move so fast or push so hard. I have nothing to prove and nothing to achieve. This is enough.

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