I’m soaking it up, and soaking it up more.

I’m studying for a certification in Positive Psychology. I believe in, and practice, many of the tenets, but I want to be more consistent in my practice and more grounded in my teaching, so I’m down for seven months of learning for a certification.

This month’s homework? Strengthen my Intentional Activities to Increase Life Satisfaction tools, to boost my mood and my happiness. The tool I picked? Savoring.

Savoring means noticing – really noticing – the everyday pleasures and joys, and soaking them up. It reminds me to notice the sunshine and the blue sky, and savor. To see the flowers blooming, feel the breeze on my skin, enjoy the rush of joy that overtakes me when I’m sitting with my husband or one of my kids, and laugh with my whole being while I’m talking with friends.

I’m basking and soaking and enjoying. I’m calling out how many sweet moments and beautiful views I encounter every day. I’m allowing myself to be delighted, and to be delighted some more.

I’ve found that there is so much beauty and joy in my life, if I just choose to notice it. If I just choose to pay attention and let it all soak in.

I’m paying attention. I’m noticing. I’m soaking it up.

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