It seems pretty obvious, huh? We know not to eat broken glass. We know not to chomp down on it and say, “Well, I’ll get used to this soon,” or “It’s not that bad.”

We know not to do that with something as blatant as putting shards of glass in our mouths, but we can forget to be as mindful and smart when it comes to other things. Or at least I can. Or at least I did.

I use to suffer through not getting what I wanted from a relationship or working too hard on a project. I’d grit my teeth and bear it…again and again…and wonder why I didn’t feel good. Why I was metaphorically bleeding.

I somehow thought the old, “I can take it,” and not only refused to stop, but also refused to tell anyone else I was suffering, or to ask for help.

I don’t do this much anymore.

These days I remind myself that I don’t have to fix anything or anyone, especially myself. I remember that all is fine – and I am fine – just as I am. I may kick into my perfectionism and need to have that pointed out to me. I may revert to fixing and fixing and fixing, and need to have that pointed out to me as well. But when it’s pointed out to me, after an initial, “oh, s—t, again?” I spit out the broken glass and try a different way. I don’t have to do those things that don’t feel good anymore.

Don’t eat broken glass. Just don’t.

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