I think it was my daughter who called me a plunger. In case you’re all worrying and wondering, it was a compliment.

You see, she wasn’t referring to a “plumber’s helper” – that rubber tool we all run to get when something is clogged. She was calling me “one who plunges” – referring to the fact that I plunge into things.

In my Positive Psychology certification course, we just took the VIA survey of character strengths. One of my top five – Zest. Enthusiasm for life. Desire and tendency to dive right in.

I love that strength of mine. Sure, I can overdo it. I can plunge into too many things, or too deeply, or just too much. I can plunge in first and think later. I have to be aware to not only be in my love of Zest, and in my Zest. But I love the idea of giving my all to things I care about, and of sucking all the joy and juice and experience and love I can out of life.

I love noticing and appreciating. I love loving and connecting. I love laughing and playing. I love working and making (I hope) a difference.

I am a plunger.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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