I think I have an underlying fear – at times – that I’m f—ing up. I think many of us do. My mind can barrel down a slippery, ugly slope. What if there’s a “right way” and I’m missing it? What if I’m not smart enough, or not figuring it out enough? What if I blow everything? What if I f—k up?

I’m taking a course on Positive Psychology, and we’ve learned an effective tool for the Worry Mind. It’s called Worst Case, Best Case, Most Likely Case. You allow yourself to go all the way down your slippery slope, to the absolute worst thing that could possibly happen. And then some. Then you allow yourself to soar into the stratosphere with the absolute best thing that could possibly happen – the sky isn’t even the limit here because they want you to push your best case to the same absurd level of ludicrousness as your worst case.

And then you determine what’s the most likely scenario. The scenario that has the greatest possibility of happening.

I’ve found this tool to be helpful, and offered it to friends and clients. It works and often offers a humorous respite in the process.

But what if instead of all my “what if-ing” about could go wrong and how I’ve f—ked up, instead I could wrap my mind around the idea that I can’t get it wrong. Ever.

That life is a journey and a learning process, and there are no f—k ups because I’m learning and growing. We’re all learning and growing. What if the constant change and evolving of life – and of me – means that there is no “wrong.”

If it doesn’t exist, even I – in all my (not true) beyond humanly power – can’t attain it. I can’t get it wrong.

I can’t get it wrong. I’m going to play with that, just like I keep playing with the Worst Case, Best Case, Most Likely Case process.

I can’t get it wrong.

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