Don’t work too hard on anything…

That’s the advice I heard. It’s very different from the advice I used to give myself. It’s very different from what I learned, and thought I had to adhere to, way back when.

In fact, I think it’s the opposite of where I used to come from. I think my motto was to work as hard as possible on everything. And then some. And never notice I was doing it.

I was playing tennis with my son a few weeks back. When I last played, years ago, he was really quite bad. And I therefore, in comparison, was really quite good. Or so he thought. But since that time he’s grown and he’s learned how to play tennis…well. And I haven’t. I haven’t played in years. I never really played. I never took a lesson. And I kinda stink.

As I hit the ball weirdly one too many times, or missed it completely like I never have before, I could feel my frustration rising. “I hate not being good at something,” I said to my son, feeling as if I was making a huge revelation and that it would therefore be a great teaching moment. “I know,” he answered. All I could think, once again, was “how does he know?” Apparently my need to not fail and not mess up have been obvious, even though I was certain I was doing it differently and not showing my kids that side of me. I guess it still runs deep.

I like the idea of not working too hard on anything. I like the idea of playing more, relaxing more, and enjoying myself more. And working hard when it’s something I want to work hard on…but not too hard.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t work too hard on anything…

  1. Lisa, I really like the point you make. Work on what you want to do, but don’t work too hard that it becomes too much. It’s so easy to be on the go, and work hard, only find out that you’re actually working against yourself.

    1. I love that – it’s so easy to be on the go, and work hard, only to find out that you’re actually working against yourself. Yes!

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