I’m sitting in the airport, waiting. Our flight is over three hours delayed. Ah well.

It’s been a whirlwind of a weekend. My older child graduated from college yesterday (was graduated if I want to be grammatically correct, for Danny, my dad). Then we had lunch, then roughly three hours to pack up all the stuff and clean out the college townhouse. And a longish drive and a long, wonderful celebratory meal. A good day, but a long day.

And now we’re waiting for storms to pass and planes to fly. Which so doesn’t matter. Other than not being home earlier than we will now be, it really doesn’t matter.

But sitting in the airport, waiting, I decided to take a conscious breath. It made me realize how much of a difference it makes to take a conscious breath. It reminded how precious even the simplest moments can be if we pay attention. If I pay attention.

Just this breath, that’s all there is. And then this one. And then this one.

And each breath is priceless. Each one of them matters. Each one of is an opportunity to be here, and to be grateful for here. For now.

Each breath is an opportunity to remember to love – to love myself, to love others, to love all of you. Each breath is an opportunity to remember, to thank, to notice, to live.

I don’t know what comes after this life – although a good friend of mine and I have decided to believe in reincarnation so that we can next time live in Paris. Preferably in a garret apartment. But that being said, this life is all I know I really have, and when I choose to consciously breathe this breath – and then this one; and then this one – I choose to live my life more fully. Each moment, in its preciousness, is more vibrant and more real. More noticed and enjoyed. More rich and colorful. More fully alive. As I choose to be.

Just this breath, that’s all there is. I’m going to breathe this breath and notice my life.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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