I want my book to be published. Truth be told, I want my book to be a bestseller. I want to reach (and help) millions of people and change millions of lives. That is, in full honesty, what I want.

The publishing will happen next year. Hallelujah! That is very, very cool. Very, very cool. The bestseller part? Who knows? I’m choosing not to doubt it.

But I’m also choosing not to rush it. Whereas my patience may have been, at times, lacking in this whole process. Whereas I’ve wanted this for quite some time – when people tell me they’ve been writing, or trying to get their book published, for two years, I laugh.

I am now willing to wait.

I’m willing to wait for the best time. I’m willing not to demand of the universe that this happen, and happen now. I want to be ready for it when it happens. I want to be in my best place. I want to be letting in the good and the joyful. I want to be in my power and my ease.

I don’t want to force things any longer. I don’t want to push or to try. I want to put in my effort and trust, trust, trust that everything is working out and that things are fine. Just as they are.

Take your time universe on delivering on this dream. Take your time, so that I can get myself ready. So that I don’t doubt it or sabotage it. So that I don’t get in my own way.

Take your time universe. Then let it flow!!

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