Stop talking so you (I) can listen

I think many, if not all, of us have a propensity to need to explain ourselves. I know I do.

I have a quest to be heard. To be understood. To be gotten. And this can cause me to talk and talk and talk. To make sure you grasp my situation and my feelings. That you see my point of view.

I’m learning to stop talking so much, so that I can listen. I want to listen to you, to hear your story, to know your truth. I want to listen to others, to be open to their paths and their knowledge.

I’m learning to sit and hear my surroundings. To witness the birdsongs and the breeze blowing. To pay attention. To be more aware.

I’m walking up the street in quiet and allowing myself to be part of my surroundings. I’m not on my phone. I don’t have ear buds in my ears. I hear my footsteps, the laughter of children in the preschool playground, neighbors saying “hello” as I pass by.

I’m quieting the ceaseless chatter in my mind. Well, I’m trying to quiet the ceaseless chatter in my mind. I’m sitting in quiet meditation more often, listening to the world around me and the world within me.

I want to recognize that your truth is at least as true as my truth, and at least as important for me to know. I want to hear your truth. I want to hear my truth of silence and peace. Of calm and overwhelming love.

I believe these truths are there for my hearing, if I will only stop and listen. I believe I have my answers, if I will only be quiet long enough to let myself hear them. I believe the wrongs of the world can be righted if we only stop and listen to each other.

I need to stop talking so that I can listen. I need to stop speaking so that I can hear. I need to stop trying to figure it all out so that I can just be. I need to stop fighting to stay safe so that I can realize I am safe.

The endless chatter in my mind – and in relationships – isn’t necessary, and it isn’t helping me anymore. I may have thought this unending blathering made everything make more sense, but I was wrong.

I’m stopping talking so that I can listen. At least I’m trying to.

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2 thoughts on “Stop talking so you (I) can listen

  1. Love this post. The more I use my senses to experience what is around me, the more connection I feel to the present moment. And there is always beauty in that present moment, whether it is the warmth of the sun on my face or the tapping of the rain on my head. And of course, by paying attention to all that is around me, I can begin to quiet that endless mind chatter.

    1. Thank you David. I can’t say it better than you did. 🙂 I can only remember it. And remember it again. And again. Thank you!

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