Can you lighten up a little bit?

And by you, I mean me.

Can I lighten up a little bit? Can I find a way to not be so serious? To not try so hard? I’m still writing about it, so I guess it’s still a challenge at times. ☺

I know that when I lighten, life gets easier. I get easier. I know that when I lighten, I am happier. I know that when I lighten, things are good.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m light a lot of the time. I’ve worked hard ☺ to be light. I’ve learned to be light about being light.

And I can still use reminders.

There was a reunion of my Applied Positive Psychology class this weekend. Talk about a lot of people who are focusing on being light. It was wonderful to hear their stories of how they’ve applied Positive Psychology practices, almost as if they’re unconscious behaviors already. “I found myself stopping to take a deep breath to calm down,” one person said. “I freak out about everything I have to do and pause and look back at everything I’ve already done…and relax a bit,” another said.

I love seeing their journeys into more calm and ease, and lightness and joy. It reminds me of my own.

I love that I live my life looking for – and seeing – the beauty in everything around me. And often everyone around me. I love that I have tools to help me not be so serious. To help me not push so hard. And I love that the tools are almost so second nature to me – after all these years – that sometimes I use them without really noticing it, or thinking it through. I sometimes use them a lot.

Yes, there are moments in life – in my life – that are hard and heavy. Yes, I still have – I may always have – challenges in my now and trauma from my past to work though. Yes, there are times when I am so filled with anger it feels as if I’ll explode or when I’m crying with sadness. And yes, I believe I need to allow those feelings, be present for myself (and whomever I’m with), and search for (self) compassion and love.

And then when it’s time, I can, once again, lighten up.

I can often – if not always – use to bring a bit more joy and delight into my life. I can often – if not always – stand to pause, breathe, and ease. I can often – if not always – benefit from lightening up even more. And even more.

I can lighten up just a little bit.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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2 thoughts on “Can you lighten up a little bit?

  1. Such a simple and powerful message. It’s so funny how hard we “try” to lighten up. I like to ask myself this question, “But what if it was easy?” whenever I’m stuck on something or my brow is too deeply furrowed as I work through a problem. When I ask myself this, I find my brain suddenly stops trying so hard.
    All of this is a practice, and I know I’m not perfect. But, I do enjoy walking the path. I’m glad to read about your journey and your commitment to joy. These are good things!

    1. Thank you Angela. I like that question – “But what if it was easy?” It took me years to learn that easy was okay (instead of “you’re worth more if you’re working hard and achieve the hardest goal the toughest way”). Thank you for sharing and let’s all keep walking this new path towards joy together!

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