How many of us are waiting? Waiting until things are better. Waiting until we get the job. Until we fix the house. Until we fix our life.

What are we waiting for? Life is now.

Life is in this moment. What am I doing? How am I spending my time? What am I feeling? Who am I with?

Life is right now. Am I present? Am I happy? Am I loving and giving? Am I letting in ease and joy?

Life is here. Am I paying attention? Am I noticing and savoring? Am I letting it in?

It’s so easy to miss so much of it. It’s so easy to wait for later or to wait for more. It’s so easy to focus on the future or the past. But life is now.

My life is now. Here. In this moment. And it’s up to me whether I’m fully in my life or whether I’m waiting for something else.

How can I be more here and be more now? How can I pay more attention to my feet on the ground, my fingers on the keyboard? How can I give my full self to whomever I’m with and whatever I’m doing?

I breathe. I listen. I feel what’s going on in my body, and I heed what’s going on in my mind. I look at the people I’m with or the beauty that surrounds me.

I give it my all. All of my thoughts. All of my attention. All of my care.

Because life is now.

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