The snow outside is beautiful. I’m going to milk that feeling. I don’t have to shovel it. I’m going to milk that feeling too.

I’m snuggled inside, sipping my tea, with my feet in cozy slippers, texting with my oldest child (while I’m supposedly focusing on writing my blog). All of this is also worth milking.

I’m going to milk it.

My life is wonderful. My life growing up, not so much (as someone who was there with me reminded me of yesterday). I’m going to milk the wonderful. I have learned that my day can be good or my day can be bad, and much of that has to do with how I choose to focus and what I choose to notice. Today I’m going to – again – notice the good, focus on what’s working, and milk it, milk it, milk it.

When someone asks me how I feel about turning in my manuscript, I’m going tell them how outrageously pumped and excited I am and choose not to – for this moment – give credence to my fear. When someone asks me how work is going, I’m going to tell them “actually better than ever – we’re busy and it’s all fun!” and choose not to – for this moment – add, “and I wonder how I’ll get it all done.”

When things have been sucky, I’ve learned to lean into the suck (with a few reminders from a few good friends). When things are good, I’m going to lean into the good. I’m going to notice and bask and enjoy. I’m going to imagine the book as a book going gangbusters and picture how much fun it will be to finalize the title and sign copies at as many book signings as I can book.

I’m going to see the beauty rather than the struggle. I’m going to relish the fun along the way rather than dread what I might mess up. I’m going to milk every little (and big) thing I can that is going well. Or splendidly. Or even just hopefully in the right direction.

I’ve learned (and studied) that what I choose to look at and focus on has a huge effect on how my day and life go. I’ve learned (and studied) that my mind is mine to direct, and how I direct it matters.

For today, once again, I’m going to find everything I can to be even the littlest bit stoked about, and I’m going to milk it, milk it, milk it baby!

And reap the benefits. And enjoy my day.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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