Again, yoga class. Again, listening to the instructor as I slowed my breathing and lessened my expectations for my practice. Again, something that made me pause and reflect.

Only this time, the pause and reflection continue. Because what the instructor said was, “Know where to go.” Or was it, “Nowhere to go”?

Both have a meaning – multiple meanings – that resonate for me and that I need (or at least want) to take deeper into myself.

Know where to go.

Know where I’m heading. Know what my goals and dreams are. Know how to get there (or at least know how to trust that I’ll be shown how to get there). Know what fills me up with joy and love (and head in that direction). Know what drains me or depletes me (or scares me or angers me) and (try to) head in the opposite direction. Know (in my yoga practice) what pose I’m aiming for and how to move my body there in a way that respects and replenishes my body. Know where go.

Nowhere to go.

Where I am is fine. Right here. Right now. Since crawling into recovery decades ago, I’ve played with the dual concepts (and dueling concepts) of “there is no such thing as perfection” and “the present is perfect right as it is.” Nowhere to go means that here is fine. That I don’t have to try hard to get “somewhere else,” and I don’t have to strive to move along or make things happen. Nowhere to go means that I can be – it’s best to be – present in this moment, with this person, with this feeling, with what’s around and inside of me. Nowhere to go in my yoga practice means that I stay on my own mat, in this very pose, however this pose shows up for me (and in me) today. Nowhere to go.

I don’t remember why my yoga instructor said this. I have no idea which meaning of know (or no) she was referring to. I didn’t know in the moment she said it. (I like to think I was too deep into my practice to be paying too close attention to her.) I just know that both meanings have meaning for me. Both meanings are something I long to hear and remember.

Know where to go. Know I’m on the path, and know how to move forward in a way and pace that will lovingly and lightly take me to my destination.

Nowhere to go. Know that I’m here, now, and know that that is enough. Always, always, always enough.

Know/no where to go.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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