As it often is, it was during a yoga class. As it often is, it was our instructor. She guided us to lead with our hearts. Now, I know she was thinking about our yoga pose – to lead with our hearts as we bent over our legs. To keep our backs straight and lead with our hearts, rather than bending over in a curved position. But once again, it meant so much more.

Leading with my heart is important in my yoga practice, and leading with my heart is important in my life practice. It can be so easy to get caught up in my head, or my ego, or my fears. It can be so easy to react to others with anger and to react to myself with judgment and condemnation.

Instead I can lead with my heart.

But how?

I’ve learned, or created, a few practices that bring me back to my heart, especially when I’m angry, or judging, or condemning. Here are three of them.

  • Breathe – now, isn’t this just the answer to just about everything, just about always. I like to think of myself as a big-hearted, big-loving person. I remind myself multiple times a day, “I choose love.” I love to give love, to get love, and to express love. But when I get triggered – by myself, life, or other people – that all goes flying out the window. Until I breathe. When I breathe I remember to slow down, to be gentle (with myself and maybe others), and to search for a less-triggered thought or response. And I can lead with my heart again.
  • Remember – the mind is such a powerful thing. Depending on what we think (or at least what I think), I can feel good…or bad. When I remember something good, when I focus on what is working, when I remind myself of what I love about the person who just p—d me off, I can put my mind in a much less-triggery, more-loving space. And I can lead with my heart again.
  • Choose – One of my mantras is “I choose love.” When I’m scared (rationally or irrationally), when I’m anxious, when I’m seething or fuming or just simmering…“I choose love” eases my heart and soul. I can always choose love, but I have to remember that I can always choose love. And sometimes that’s easier to remember than other times. But when I do, and when I choose love, I can lead with my heart again.

Lead with your heart. Lead with my heart. In my yoga practice and in my life. I choose to lead with my heart.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

Photo by Mark Adriane on Unsplash

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