Maybe I should start this post with “Don’t worry.” Maybe “Be happy” is enough.

It’s just over two weeks until to the moon and back is out. My older kid reminded me last week that I was only going to experience this once in my lifetime – the publication of my first memoir. (I did self-publish a book for work a number of years ago – The Power of Thoughtful Leadership – but that feels very, very different.)

Now it’s great that I’ve taught my kids enough about mindfulness that they can remind me to be mindful and to enjoy every moment as the book birthdate gets closer. And it’s also funny that, at times, I need them to remind me. But remind me they do.

So, I let go of the worries (Will anyone show up? Will it sell? Will it have the positive impact I want it to have? What if people HATE it??), and have decided to be happy. To do my best to be in each moment, enjoy each moment, savor each moment, and go with the flow.

To be happy.

Writing a memoir (obviously) forces one to look back at their past, and it was many years ago (in my past) that I learned that happiness is a choice. That my attitude is a choice. That how I experience the day is a choice. My choice. And, for today, once again, I choose to be happy. One day at a time, as I also learned years ago, or even one minute at a time, I can choose to be happy.

But how? Here’s what I’m reminding myself of, again and again.

  • Look for what I love – there is always (or at least almost always) something I can look at (or remember or imagine) that will lift my heart. There is always (or at least almost always) some way I can direct my focus that will lighten my load and cause me to smile. It’s up to me to look for those things.
  • Trust in the process – I’ve done pretty much all I can do (so far) to birth this book, and now I have to sit back and trust that what will be will be…and that it just might be good. I have to breathe through my expectations and fears (and concerns and irrational thoughts) and trust that ultimately, actually, all is well and good with me right now. No matter what happens.
  • Lean in and lean on – this is only going to happen once in my life (the birth of to the moon and back), so I have the choice to lean in and suck every bit of joy and juice out of it (and to give it my all)…or not to. And I’m blessed to be surrounded by loving family and friends whom I can lean on for support (like my older kid)…or not. I’m choosing to lean in and to lean on.
  • Have fun! – it all comes down to this. I might as well enjoy the HELL out of this, right?

I’m going to be happy. I invite you to be happy with me (and to have fun).

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

Photo by Alex Block on Unsplash

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