This is not a dress rehearsal. That is what someone told me decades ago, when I crawled into Al-Anon. It’s not like this is the practice run for our next life. This is it.

I mean, it may be a practice run – and sometimes I like to think it is because I’d like to come back and have another go at this (I still want to live in Scotland…and in a garret apartment in Paris…and…) – but I have to pretty much assume it’s not. This is the life I have. Right here. Right now.

Of course, it was my yoga instructor who reminded me of this the other day. “This is it,” she said. “Right here. Right now.” I sometimes forget to live as if each moment matters, but each moment does matter, and I love when I remember to live like that.

There are probably people who would call out that that is how I live my life, and it is much of the time. But I sometimes go on autopilot. I sometimes forget how lucky I am to be here, wherever here is. I sometimes miss noticing the beauty around me and the people I love right next to me (and far away). I sometimes keep trying to get this life “right” instead of letting it be what it is and appreciating what it is.

It’s a new day. It’s a new year. And this is my life. Right here. Right now. I am going to make each moment count and dive in with all my heart, soul, and love. Again.

Happy New Year!

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