It’s a new day. It’s a new year.

I’m finding myself tied up in things I want to happen. Things that are, in many ways, for now at least, out of my control. I find myself caught in an endless loop of questions – What do I need to do? How can I make this happen? When will it happen? Will it happen? What should I do (or not do) now? What can I do?

Last fall was – perhaps needless to say – a wild experience and a cracking open of many things inside of me. Again, I’ve reconnected with people I never thought I’d reconnect with, had conversations I never thought I’d have, and heard things I never thought I’d hear. I’ve touched people in ways I never thought I could and realized things about, inside of, and around me that I maybe didn’t know were there. I am still watching as the dust settles. I can’t settle it any quicker than it’s going to settle (although I certainly want to try). It’s like planting seeds and waiting for the flowers to bloom – I can’t make them bloom any sooner than they’re going to bloom. Pulling them up to check on them will only make things worse.

So, I’ve remembered and re-decided to let things be and to make this day the day. To make this year the year.

To make it the day (and year) that I continue to live and love fully. To remember how I’ve taught my kids (and my clients) to be in the moment and appreciate any- and everything around them. Any- and everyone around them. I’m going to make it the day (and year) that I continue to do that.

I’m going to love myself through the seemingly (at times) endless prattle in my brain that is trying to figure things out and push things forward. I’m going to breathe, thank myself for the seemingly endless prattle that is, for now, my best attempt to solve the puzzle in front of me, and let it go. Again. And again.

I’m going to spread light and love and joy and hope – like I claim I want to do. Like I want to do. I’m going to live one day at a time, one moment at a time when necessary, and I’m going to let this day – and this moment – be as beautiful as they are. As beautiful as I can let them be.

There is so much love in and around me. There are so many people I care for and so many blessings in my life. There is joy and laughter and beauty and lightness – all mine for the taking, when I remember to let go. To let be.

I’m going to make this day be the day that I live from love. I’m going to commit to that…and commit to that again and again when I get blown off course.

I’m going to make this day the day.

Happy New Year!

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