My drive for more can be relentless. If I’m not being intentional and careful, it can hit me pretty much in all that I do. In my work, in my writing, in my yoga, in my working out, in my lifting, in my relationships and personal commitments, in my… Pretty much in all that I do.

It can also hit me as I try to “calculate” the difference to the moon and back is hopefully making. Which is something I am working to stop doing… (the calculating part not the hopefully making a difference part).

As I’ve said (and written) over and over and over again, I am trying to spread a message of hope and love – to the people I know and to the people I don’t – and I want to do this a lot. Really a lot. Which is another great place that my drive for more can kick in…hard. So, I try to let whatever difference it (and I) make be enough, and yet, when I get emails, tweets, and Insta and Facebook messages from strangers thanking me for to the moon and back, I can see the impact I’m having in people’s lives. And it thrills me.

I invariably send or show those messages to my family and friends, and I share them on social media (in case you haven’t noticed 🙂 ). I look at them over and over again. Because while there is no way to calculate the difference I may be making or the impact I may be having, each time I get a message, I feel like I’m doing something good. Really good. And really important. I feel a mixture of deep shock, deeper joy, and a boatload of appreciation.

I feel these same ways when to the moon and back gets good (and even excellent) reviews and awards. Like this recent review from RED HEADED BOOK LOVER or my review from Foreword Reviews (and my interview), where to the moon and back was nominated as a 2018 INDIES Finalist, or my five-star review from Readers’ Favorite, or the honorable mention from the London Book Festival. Each one of these accolades floors me and fills me with gratitude and (hopefully) humility.

These honors and messages mean so much to me, and they reaffirm the path I’m on – with to the moon and back and my constant blogging. They are the reason I’ve bared myself so drastically (and some might add vulnerably) in my memoir and my blog – to friends, family, strangers, clients, everyone. Again, I want to reach as many people as possible and to bring hope to as many people as possible. I want to share my story to share love.

I have to let whatever I do do be enough. Whomever I do reach be enough. And whatever difference I do make be enough. And I have to acknowledge my incessant drive for more, especially when it’s something that matters.

Therefore I ask you, if to the moon and back has made a difference for you, please tell others about it, please tell me about it, and please remind me to let it all be enough.

P.S. Did you notice my unicorn socks? Now they are enough!!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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