The sun is shining. The breeze is whispering through the trees. The wind chimes are chiming. The birds are chirping.

There is so much beauty all around me. Am I noticing it?

Each day – each moment – I have a choice. Left to its own devices, my mind can swirl with anxiety and fear. I can endlessly scope out the environment and determine what, how, and who I need to be to be okay…or I can breathe and allow myself to be and to be me. Each day – each moment – I can notice what’s not working, what’s not okay, what’s not the way I want it to be…or I can look for and focus on what’s right. What’s beautiful. What brings me joy.

We rush through each day and each task often so mindlessly, looking toward where we’re going and what we need to get done. Or at least I do. I can keep moving, doing, achieving. Pushing myself to ‘get it all done’ (and done perfectly). Or, I can stop and feel the breeze on my shoulders; I can hear the birds chittering; I can feel my fingers on the keyboard. I can put myself back in this moment and, as if by magic, when I do that I begin to recognize the beauty all around me. I begin to pay attention to the joy in my life.

It still blows my mind that how happy I am is basically up to me. it still astounds me that I have more control over that than I ever thought I did. I tell my clients, perhaps endlessly and to their potential annoyance, that the brain is a muscle that we can and must exercise and that we nearly always have the ability to pick it up and put it somewhere else. To choose to see, to notice, and to focus on something else. To think about something else.

I have the choice and the ability – at least most of the time – to think in ways that bring me more joy. I have the choice and the ability – at least most of the time – to notice the joy and love and beauty around me. And when I make this choice, it always brings me more joy.

Sometimes I think my blog posts are my ardent attempts to remind myself of these things that I know and that saved my life and soul. Today is one of those times.

Beauty is all around – and within – me. Am I noticing it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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