Again, a yoga practice. Again, a yoga instructor. Again, a necessary reminder.

From stability comes freedom.

I may long for freedom – from my need to fix and control, from my need to read a situation and solve problems before they even happen, from my need to be whatever I “need” to be to make things “right.” I may long for freedom to just be me.

But my truest freedom comes when I am grounded and stable. When I remember to take care of myself. When I do what I need to do to keep myself happy and whole. When I build my mental, emotional, and psychic foundations so that I’m strong and steady – no matter what comes my way.

This allows me to then stretch and play and let go and be at ease…and to just be.

It’s true in my yoga practice, because I can’t “blow out” a pose – and find a variation that challenges, fuels, and frees me – unless I am stable in the foundational pose. If I twist in my balanced warrior pose, but I’m not actually balanced, the chances are much more likely that I will fall. And while I don’t mind falling out of a yoga pose – in fact, I have defined it as growth when I do – I don’t necessarily need to always fall in order to grow. (Just like I don’t need to suffer in order to grow. Just sayin…)

It’s true in my book promotion. I am still all in for speaking pretty much any and everywhere I can, but I’d be foolish if I didn’t admit that book readings are emotional and draining. (Let’s just say that four book readings and two television interviews in the last week was a bit too much!) If I’m not feeling emotionally full, cared-for, and stable, the intensity of a book reading (or a TV interview) can knock me over. Hard. At least metaphorically. And that falling over is definitely not a necessary sign of growth.

It’s true in my relationships and in my daily life. I may have been “trained” to ignore my wants and needs…or to not even realize I had any…or to see any wants and needs as proof that I am sinful and selfish. I may have been “trained’ to keep going beyond the point of keeping going, to be “strong” at all costs, and to be responsible for everything. I may have had my thoughts and emotions so controlled and twisted that I get confused as to whether I’m stuck in that over-responsibility or if I’m taking responsibility for what is actually mine. I still stumble over and over myself as I try to fully fathom this difference.

But when I make my own stability a priority, these all become easier and I become freer. I have more freedom to learn and grow and experiment and play. I have more freedom to mess up and forgive myself. I have more freedom to fall over and to be human. I have more freedom to just be me.

From that stability – from making myself and my strong foundation a priority – comes my freedom.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

Photo by Junior Moran on Unsplash

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