One of my best friends has a new apartment. Right on the water.

Well, it’s right on the water if you look to the right, and it’s right on the car dealership if you look to the left. Which reminds me of how important it is which way I look and what I look at.

Again, I’m not saying I should bury my head in the sand or ignore what’s in front of me – although again, sometimes that is my best option. I am saying that I have a choice as to whether I watch the birds land on the water or the water flow away with the tide, or whether I count the cars in the dealership parking lot.

And I know which choice will bring me more joy.

I have a choice whether I focus on how frustrated or disappointed I may be with a person or in a situation…or whether I focus on what I like about a person or appreciate about a situation. (And if there’s nothing to like or appreciate, then I get to decide if I need to find a new situation or work things out with the person…or if I just need to change my perspective overall.)

I can get caught in complaining. I can happily justify every reason I have to be frustrated or disappointed or annoyed. I can easily point out why the car dealership is such a depressing and dissatisfying view.

Or, again, I can face toward the water. Because it is such a beautiful view.

I have a choice as to whether I do my best to look at what I want to see or whether I get caught up in what’s in front of me that’s unpleasant. I have a choice as to whether I find reasons to smile or whether I find reasons to grimace. Both are here for my choosing.

I have a choice. I choose to look at what I want to see.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

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