In the past week I’ve really noticed the buds on the trees and the flowers that are starting to bloom. I think we may have missed winter, and that’s weird and a bit wrong, but, damn, those buds and flowers are bringing even more of a smile to my face and a (cautious) spring to my step.

It’s so easy for me to get caught up in all I have to do (especially now that I’m so far behind – ping me and I’ll amuse you with the most recent things I’ve forgotten, dropped, and messed up). It’s so easy for me to feel the pressure of what I want to have happen and what I have to do to make it happen. It’s so easy for me to focus on the one or two things I “know” I have to make better so that I’m better.

Or I can let the buds and flowers bring even more of a smile to my face and a (cautious) spring to my step.

There is so much beauty in the every day. So much beauty that’s there for my pleasure, as soon as I stop long enough to let it in.

I was walking back home from the gym today. Again, I could think of what’s not right and not done and not fixed. Instead I let myself bask in the sunshine and smile at the buds.

I’m on a bus on the way to New York City on the way to Connecticut for my book reading. Again, I could think about what’s bothering me and nagging at me and consuming me. Instead I let myself delight in the friends I’ll see and spend time with between now and Tuesday evening (and then Thursday evening at my next book reading).

There is so much beauty in my every day, if I choose to notice it. There is so much comfort in the here and now, if I choose to let it in. There is so much love in my life, if I choose to come from love. And come from love again.

It is a choice. It is a choice I can make. It is a choice I am making.

I am delighting in the beauty of the every day.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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