I have moments of hope, of somehow knowing that we will all emerge from this – that the world will emerge from this – wholer, healthier, more connected, more aware, and more determined to right the wrongs that are prevalent in our societies right now. I love those moments, and I believe – and I have to believe – that that vision and hope is true.

And I have moments of fear. My childhood fears (from being raised in a cult) get kicked up. My irrational fears get kicked up. My rational fears get kicked up.

I’ve learned, through my practice of mindfulness, to allow those fears and to allow them to flow through me. (See Tara Brach’s RAIN for a practice to practice that.) And I’ve learned, through my practice of self-care, self-compassion, and positive psychology, to soothe myself and those fears. To find ways – any way I can – to ease my heart, to calm my thoughts, and to comfort my spirit.

(Hint – it almost always starts with my hand on my heart. See Tara Brach again.)

To soothe myself in any way I can.

Any way you look at it, these are challenging times. And amidst all the handwashing and social distancing – perhaps because of the handwashing and social distancing – we also need to find ways to reduce our stress and anxiety. To, again, ease our hearts, calm our thoughts, and comfort our spirits. (And possibly move our bodies. Many of us are probably missing our ususal ways of doing that as well. Many clients have complained to me about the fact that they’re sitting all day on Zoom calls. “Stand up!” I tell them. “Make it a moving/walking call!”)

I have the things I do for me. I mediate even more. Practice yoga. I walk. I make another cup of tea. I call/text/WhatsApp/Houseparty/etc. my friends and family. I hug the people I’m sequestered with – luckily, I really, really like them . I notice nature – the buds in the trees, the flowers, the birds singing. My list goes on. (Read ThriveGlobal’s Try These Tips to Reduce Your Stress and Boost Your Immune System for even more great ideas.

To soothe myself in any way I can.

What do you do? Let’s start a conversation here (plus I’m working with a dear friend – call out to Carmen Hoffert – to build inspiring virtual content and events for Rebelle – Lancaster).

Let’s share our ideas and soothe ourselves and others.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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