Let me start by saying that each week I feel less and less equipped to share thoughts that are valuable. That don’t seem just completely misplaced (and mis-said) in this moment in time. I keep wondering “who am I to have anything worthwhile to say, coming from all the privilege I come from?” and “there must be something I can add that will help in some way…but what the hell is it???”

So, I’ll tell you something I remembered this week and hope it adds something for you.

My kid lives in (and attends a temple in) Minneapolis. I am blessed with my kid being unexpectedly home for a few weeks, and I attended the temple’s virtual services with them this weekend. They were going, so of course I was going too. I think I’ve yet to say no to them when they ask, “do you want to join me in…?”

This is a temple of involved, committed activists, again, in the heart of Minneapolis. I don’t think there was a person on that Zoom call who didn’t impress me. Who didn’t remind me of all the more I can (and will) do and all the more I have to learn (and hopefully teach).

They made space in the services for reflection and for compassion – compassion for others and hand-on-the-heart compassion for themselves. They also made space for a hell of a lot of community singing and dancing. For contemplation and appreciation of the beauty and awe of the world and a focus on joy and connection.

For coming together as a community to work, to feel, to grieve, to fight and to, again, have a hell of a lot of singing and dancing.

This all reminded me – yet again – that now is a time of uprising and a point in history where I can – I must – do all I can to break down what needs to be broken and to build up what needs to be built. To find the communities where I can be a part of this and to be a part of the change I wish to see.

And now is also a time – as all times are – of remembering and sharing the beauty and power of intentionality, of appreciation, of human connection and love. Of allowing beauty and love to fuel us and to push us further. To fuel me and to push me further.

I know with all my heart that we’re in the beginning of a fight that needs to be fought, and I know with all my heart that love and compassion (again, for ourselves and for others) will sustain us through this fight and bring answers and solutions I don’t think we’ve begun to imagine.

I must march and shout and shine a light on what’s wrong. I must recognize my privilege and break open my mind further. I must love myself and others with all my heart.

And I must remember to find those communities and to sing and dance.

I’ve pasted links below of more articles to read – to educate ourselves and to break down our conditioned patterns of thought – and ways to be involved. May you find what you need in them, or at least where to look further.

And may you find ways to be in community, to fight for the changes you wish to see, and to sing and dance.

A few articles and links – there are many, many more to find on your own and share:

75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice

10 Steps To Non-Optical Allyship

Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man

Maintaining Professionalism In The Age of Black Death Is…A Lot

The Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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