“One day at a time” may have saved my life, but there are times when “one day at a time” doesn’t really work. It’s too hard. It’s too long. Sometimes a day is too much to take in and (seems like) too much to get through.

Which always brings me to “one minute at a time” or even better, for me, “one breath at a time.”

For my dear cousin who is recovering from back surgery and yet feeling the old back pain daily and hoping it goes away. One breath at a time. For the rollercoaster of the uprising that I hope and pray brings long-lasting, much-needed, drastic and radical change. One breath at a time. For the clients (and friends and family members) who are afraid, frustrated, angry, sad, confused, etc. etc. etc. One breath at a time. For the personal challenges I am (you are) facing. One breath at a time.

One breath brings me back to here, and, aside from the uprising, right here right now I am okay. My body may ache. My heart may hurt. But I can, with this breath, bring myself back to birdsongs and the gentle breeze. Back to hope. Back to the love (always) in my heart. And I am okay.

One breath can remind me that – with the uprising – each step we take and each ally that steps in, each monument taken down and each uncomfortable topic brought up, each law rewritten or abolished and each police force defunded, we are on a journey and it – and we – will not stop.

But we do need to stop – to pause – to breathe along the way. And to relax. And to indulge ourselves with selfcare and joy (see Pleasure Activism by adrienne maree brown).

One breath at a time will get me through each day. One breath at a time will remind me to breathe. One breath at a time will sustain me and fuel me to sustain others.

One. Breath. At. A. Time.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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