I’m in Minneapolis. Been here for nearly three weeks. We’ll be here for maybe three more. We were staying literally across the street from my kid’s house. Now we’re about two blocks away. It feels far. Too far. The fact that two blocks feels too far feels amazing.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that what’s going on right now in this country is terrifying and soul-chilling. Maybe because I’m here in Minneapolis I’m feeling that more, or maybe I’m just getting better at allowing myself to feel it.

Either way, that is an undercurrent seeping through my mind and being…

That said, and that true, I am also remembering – day by day and moment by moment when necessary – to let the love in.

There is love all around me, there for the noticing if I’ll only notice it. Sometimes it’s easy to notice it; it’s bursting around me and nearly impossible to miss. Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to detect.

The old “Teflon for the good, Velcro for the bad” way that our brains have evolved. I see and remember the negative and miss and forget the good stuff.

But the good stuff is there for the noticing and the taking. Just today I was talking with someone about training my brain to do that and to do that more. It doesn’t mean I ignore the soul-chilling stuff. It just means I also notice – I go out of my way to notice – the love.

It’s the beautiful flowers still in bloom. The bike ride with wind whizzing past me. The laughter and tears with a new friend. The conversation about nothing and everything with an old friend. The comfort, ease, and joy of family.

There is love all around me, and it is mine to let it in. And to let it in some more.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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