I heard it again. Every time I hear it, it helps.

Where I am just now is fine.

Damn, but that causes a sigh of relief Every. Single. Time.

Where I am just now is fine, because it’s where I am. It has to be fine, because pushing against it just doesn’t work for me.

I was talking to a client the other day, and she told me how she much she hated when she felt angry or frustrated. “Me too,” I answered. “Me too.”

I’ve heard for years that wherever and however I am is fine as it is. And yes, every time I hear that I sigh a sigh of relief. And then I forget it, and I have to hear it again…and sigh a sigh of relief.

Somewhere along the line (read to the moon and back, and it’ll probably be very clear where along the line) I learned that anger and frustration were bad. Were Satanic in fact. All those “negative” emotions were Satan sinking his talons deeper into my mind, heart, and soul. All those “negative” emotions were proof of my sinfulness, my distance from God, my fallen nature and undeserving-ness of True Parents.

Spoiler alert. That’s not true. Not at all true.

I was interviewed last week by Joseph Jaffe for CoronaTV, his daily streaming show about “hope, positivity, and optimism…and if there’s time left over, a little bit of marketing.” We talked about the lies we learned when we were kids. Lies that may have saved our lives, or at least so we thought. And lies that only get in the way now.

Like the lie that “negative” emotions are bad. Or that some emotions are negative.

Wherever and however I am right now is fine. However I feel is fine. I may not like it, and that’s fine too. I can take a deep breath, sigh a huge sigh of relief, allow the fact that I’m angry or sad or lonely or scared or really, really, really f—–g pissed.

And that’s fine.

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