A (virtual) yoga practice. A (necessary) reminder.

Find the ease. It’s there somewhere.

I am, in so many ways, looking at my push and my drive and my frantic fanaticism. I know these parts of me felt essential when I was young. Perhaps they were essential. I know they can still feel essential now, but I also know they’re not.

They cloud my judgment. They push me beyond what’s effective. They mercilessly carve into my heart, soul, and psyche.

They still feel essential, but they’re not.

And then my yoga instructor reminds me to find the ease. That it’s there somewhere. And I know they’re referring to the ease in the physical pose I’m moving into, but I also know that this can be true for me more broadly.

As broadly as I want and need it to.

I’m learning a bit more about Positive Intelligence. Stay tuned, because I think it really helps. I’m learning more to come back to my body and its wisdom and to look for and amplify my evolved brain and its wisdom.

And that’s largely where my ease lies.

My ease lies in slowing my breath and being fully in my present moment. My ease lies in feeling my breath and placing my hand on my heart and (once again and over and over and over) showering myself with love and compassion. My ease lies in remembering all that’s right in my world and my life and all the people I love – near and far.

Find my ease. Find my ease again. Find my ease again again.

Find your ease. It’s there somewhere.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

Photo by Drew Muse on nappy

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