I’m visiting my nephew. I think he’s getting longer and lankier each day I’m here. It makes me remember once reading that “growing pains” are real. Sometimes our bodies grow so quickly that it actually physically hurts. Somewhat all over, I’ve been told. And for no apparent reason.

Well, not for me ever, but that’s a different story about not physically growing that much. Ever.

There are times, however, when I’m pretty sure I’m in an emotional growth spurt. That I’m experiencing emotional growing pains. Because everything pretty much aches pretty much all over (or all over inside me) pretty much all the time for pretty much no apparent reason.

An emotional growth spurt.

I’ve been at this growing and healing thing for decades. Sometimes it feels arduous and painstakingly slow, and sometimes, I guess, it feels like a “light-speed” experience. A growth spurt. Hence the growing pains.

When I’m hurting for no apparent reason, it is helpful to remember that I’m in a growth spurt. First, it gives me an apparent reason, and second, it reminds me that it won’t last forever. It also reminds me to take even better care of myself. To put my hand on my heart more. To tell myself I love myself more. To look for sights that bring me joy more.

To do anything and everything that’s soothing and comforting more. Because I’m feeling growing pains. Because I’m in a growth spurt.

I’m in a coach training program that is making me look at my inner critical voices and impulses even more. Which is hard, and which will be healing. It is a growth spurt, because it’s giving me even more awareness so that I can call out those inner critical voices – #that’stheculttalking. And it’s a growth spurt because it’s giving me even more tools to soothe myself and to bring me back to me. (I will share more over the weeks, but spoiler alert, it REALLY helps calm the fearful voices when you mindfully ground yourself in your physical body.)

I am in a growth spurt. I am looking forward to looking back on the growth and to celebrating how far I’ve come. Again.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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