This is my new mantra. Let it rip.

A dear friend, who is also a coach, claimed this mantra for herself recently. She realized that she had spent too much of her life holding herself back, instead of stepping into her brilliance and power (literally her physical power, amongst other things, because she was an athlete). “I’m going to let it rip!” she declared. I cheered her on.

Then I was in a certification program for an emotional intelligence assessment, and the coach I was partnered with asked me what god wanted to say to me. “Let it rip!” resounded in my brain, “let it rip!” With that, I decided to step into my power and brilliance as well.

A few days later, I was listening to one of the spiritual practices I follow, and they started talking about the beauty and power of “letting it rip!” I knew – as I often know and/or decide to know – that the universe was reminding me yet again to be. To just be. To just be me. And to let it rip.

In some ways I know that I play big. Very big. I can be loud and emphatic. I can take up space and pour out tons of energy toward others. I can stand in my strength and surety of what I know. I often do.

But in some ways, I hold back. Way back. At times I censor nearly everything I say and do. The old “that’s the cult talking” tapes keep me from fully relaxing, from fully letting go of my need to try hard and do it “right,” from fully just being. Being me.

From letting it rip.

I’ve been watching my internal censorship for a while now. I absolutely censored myself when I was young. I had to to survive. I didn’t even realize I was doing it, that’s how well I was taught. That’s how insidiously the cult wove itself into my brain.

I’ve been watching it and slowly letting that censorship go. Easing up my restraints and letting down some guard. I’ve been shocked to realize how much I have censored myself and way proud of myself every time I un-censor myself. It feels so good.

I’m stepping away from my censorship more and more and more.

I’m letting it rip. Join me.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

Photo by christian buehner on unsplash

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