I was not a cool kid. Growing up in a cult didn’t help. When I was in high school I either listened to Church holy songs, Korean songs, or, maybe, Broadway hits. But only certain ones, like “Annie.” In fact, when I auditioned for a school play my senior year of high school, I just may have sung, “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow.” Luckily for me, I’ve kinda blanked that out.

Yeah, way not cool.

That said, “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” is kinda reverberating in my brain these days. Luckily for me, only a little bit. But reverberating, nonetheless.

It’s a helpful song right now because there’s personal stuff that’s going on that’s tough and sad. And the world at large had some hopeful things last week, like the guilty verdict in Minneapolis, but also still heartbreaks, the killing of Ma’Khia Bryant and Andrew Brown Jr. I talked with many people – friends, family, clients, colleagues, neighbors – about how hard it can be to stay hopeful.

The sun will come out tomorrow.

That is something that is, at least for now, absolutely true. The sun will come out tomorrow. Tomorrow, they’ll be sun.

That gives me hope. That reminds me that there is also beauty. That reminds me of all the love I have and I feel and I can give. To my friends, family, clients, neighbors, and strangers.

I hope to give more love and hope. Last week my most recent podcast interviews were posted – check out Shunned podcast and The Cult Vault. I’ve already heard from someone who was touched by my story.

This week I’ll be hopefully sharing hope as I keynote for the Women’s Resource Center Annual Luncheon on Friday (click here to register).

Each day is mine to share hope and love and fight for change. Each moment is mine to feel love and visualize the change. At each point in time, I can always choose to show up for all of this – and all of those around me – how I most want to.

I have to believe that matters. I have to believe the sun will come out.


I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

Photo by pixabay on nappy

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