I am lucky. Extremely lucky. As many of you know, I own a leadership consulting and executive coaching firm. I love what I do.

And I love my clients. Especially when they start telling me what I need to hear.

The other day I was catching up (after my august sabbatical) with a client. As she took me through all of her learnings and shifts since we’d last spoken, she ended her recap with, “We really do have a choice, you know. We have a choice how we show up. We have a choice to choose to feel good. No. Matter. What.”

I know that. I teach that. I probably “taught” it to her. But I also can forget it. Over and over and over again I can forget it.

So I needed to hear it.

I know that there are situations in my life that can feel out of my control (that ARE out of my control) that make it feel like I don’t have a choice…but I pretty much do. In each moment, I pretty much do. I know that there are situations in the world that truly make it hard to choose to feel good, but even in those, there are often moments of glimpses of a bit of ease. Even if just a wee bit of ease. A bit of a chance and a choice to feel good.

I have a choice. In this moment, right now, I have a choice. What I’ll focus on. How I’ll interpret things. How much love and joy and ease and “good” I’ll let into me and bring into me.

Thank you, my dear client. Right now, I choose to feel good.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

Photo by @Enyioma on Nappy

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