I spend a good deal of time creating joy, finding things that bring me joy, allowing joy, and as much as possible, being joy. I do it. I teach it. I firmly believe in it (and maybe even know it).

And then I heard the other day, “move toward joy, not away from pain,” and I realized that perhaps even some of my joy focus was actually me just trying to escape pain. To run away. To “make things better.”

Which is fine, and yet, it’s even more fine when I turn my heart and soul and brain toward joy, without needing to feel like I have anything to run away from. It’s like when I suggest to my clients that they come from love rather than fear.

For me, moving toward joy feels expansive, while escaping pain feels more constricted. I may be wanting to be away from what’s hurting and frustrating or challenging. I may be wanting to leave behind aches and problems.

But when I think “toward joy,” I feel more joy. I feel more ease. I feel more love.

Life can be hard. Days can be tough. Things do hurt.

But joy is there – waiting for me, calling me forward, welcoming me with open arms. Like the weekend visit from a dear, long-time friend. The yellow birds that flew past me and the flowers blooming around me. My family. My friends. My hand on my heart.

Today I move toward joy.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

Photo by Timothy Meinberg on unsplash

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