Yes, I practice mindfulness and gratitude. I preach mindfulness and gratitude. And my brain can get caught in an endless repetitive loop of ruminations and justifications that SO get in my way.

I’m working on that, and I’m working on accepting that. As I’ve learned to think and say (and say to my clients and friends), “Of course it does. And that’s okay.”

It’s okay, but it can be frustrating and annoying. Hence the need to work on accepting it. And work on accepting it again.

There are situations I’m trying to figure out. Endlessly, repetitively trying to figure out. And this endless repetition ignites and fuels my “haven’t put it down yet addiction” to figuring things out so that I can be my best self. So that I can keep things under control. So that I can be safe.

I can get SO caught in this, and it can be SO frustrating and annoying. (Are you beginning to sense my endless, repetitive loop???)

I was caught in my most current loop as I walked to my yoga class yesterday. As I supposedly mindfully walked to my yoga class and let the beauty of the sky and the trees and the flock of geese flying overhead bring ease and joy to my heart and soul.

Then I looked up and saw this sign. A sign from the universe to help me snap out of my endless repetition of useless, painful, figuring-it-out thoughts.


Now, I know I make up meanings from potentially meaningless moments, and that may be what I did yesterday morning as well. But “ONE WAY DO NOT ENTER” was a clear, powerful message that I needed in that exact moment, to remind me that I was going the less-than-helpful way in my brain and that I simply needed to not enter those thoughts. Or to not let those thoughts enter me.

I smiled. I thanked all that is around and within me. I put my mind back on my feet moving on the ground, the sky and clouds above me, the sense of strength and appreciation in my body from the run I’d just finished and the yoga class I was on my way to.

I chose to step away from the self-defeating thoughts and my need to figure things out and be my best, most evolved, most “fill-in-the-blank-from-my-childhood-trauma-recovery” self.

I unplugged; I thanked the universe for the simple, funny, in my face reminder; and I continued in my day with love, appreciation, joy, and ease.

How about you?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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