Right now is a challenge. That’s the truth. My yoga instructor didn’t know this when she shared this thought, but damn, this thought was exactly what I need. Perhaps that’s why last week’s post was about giving up the struggle as well.

I am facing challenge. Even more than usual, and, truthfully, too much at once. Even for me 🙂

But I don’t have to struggle. At least not all the time.

I can, as always:

    • Put my hand on my heart and feel the love in, around, and for me – mine and others
    • Look to my yellow birds, cardinals (for my grandmother), beautiful flowers, trees against the sky, sunrise, sunset, and all the other myriad of beauties put in front of me by the universe to lighten and ease me
    • Feel the struggle and let go. And let go again. And let go again.
    • Love, soothe, and ease myself as much as possible – first, most, and always
    • Have compassion for myself when I struggle, when I am angry, when I am afraid
    • Remember to call out the very, very, very sneaky cult-thinking in my brain – I only just realized that I wasn’t exactly blaming myself (‘I’m being punished by Satan/fill in the blank here’), but I wasn’t exactly not…
    • Have compassion for myself for that as well 🙂
    • Reach out for as many hugs and conversations with family and friends as possible
    • Breathe and remember that right here, right now, in this moment, I am at least mostly okay

My yoga instructor also shared Jack Kornfield’s comment that struggle is fruitless effort. I can let that go. I can give up, give in, surrender, and let go.

I can – one minute at a time – do my best to choose not to struggle.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

Photo by @bodybendyoga on nappy

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