One of my dearests, with whom I text every morning, and I have a somewhat common refrain to our morning texts. May you find ease, ease, ease, and more ease, we text each other.

I’ve had some tough weeks for a number of reasons, and yes, the (healing) concussion hasn’t helped. It is humorous that the universe decided I needed to slow down even more, even still, even slower.

So, I breathe, and I slow, and I reach for the practices that soothe and ease me. I thought I’d share some of them here, in case they’re helpful for anyone else. (And I’d love to hear from you what your practices are, so that I can add to my toolbox!)

  • I reread the morning texts I send to (and receive from) that dearest, wishing them ease, ease, ease, and more ease.
  • I put my hand on my heart and sink into the self-love and self-compassion practices I have worked and played so hard to cultivate.
  • I remind myself that I am strong and, in this moment at least, safe. That I’ve gotten through hard times before and that I can and will again.
  • I remind myself that I don’t have to be strong. Falling apart and losing my cool and doing it all messily and poorly is all WAY okay.
  • I also remind myself that I’m not alone. Nor do I have to do any of this alone. (Well, in many ways we are actually completely alone, but I do have support and care and encouragement from others to lean into.)
  • I hum to myself, because I’ve heard multiple places that humming stimulates our vagal nervous system, which calms and soothes us.
  • For that matter, I also rock back and forth, because that also soothes us.
  • I curl up with my “security blanket” – the microwaveable lavender pillow – and I let the warmth and weight calm my heart and nerves.
  • I go for a walk or a run or a bike ride. (Well, not a bike ride til the concussion is gone. My biggest remedy for my concussion is to not hit my head again.). I move my body as fast and as hard as I can.
  • I get on my yoga mat and practice.
  • I drink a glass of (purified) water or a cup of tea.
  • I pay attention to my body, so that I’m actually in my body. I feel my butt on my seat or my feet on the ground. I breathe with intention and presence.
  • I practice one of many breathing exercises that soothe the body – coherent breathing, box breathing, exhaling for longer than I inhale breathing.
  • I remember how much love I have in my life – how much I’ve cultivated, how much I feel, how much I give. I remember that I am “Love Embodied.”
  • I look up at the sky and feel myself ease, because looking at the horizon and the beauty of nature works wonders for calming our nervous systems.
  • I mediate – either on my own or with a guide.
  • I remember that right here, right now, I am basically okay.

I have been graced with – and developed – so many ways to soothe and care for and ease myself. I lean into them now, first, most, and always.

How about you? Please share yours with me!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

Photo by David Marcu on unsplash

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