I heard this on the Being Well podcast with Rick and Forrest Hanson. The amazingness of the universe and of life and of every moment. We are breathing starlight.

It has stayed with me.

How might I feel differently when I hold my mind to this – the incomprehensibleness of the light and starlight we breathe every day.

It pulls my awareness out of whatever I may be stuck in in this moment – about me, about life, about my health, about other people, about the made up stories in my head, about…

I am breathing starlight.

It reminds me of the preciousness of this moment, and it reminds me to breathe even deeper, even slower, even more in my body and in the moment.

To allow myself to be and to be whole and to feel okay. Even if I don’t feel fully okay.

Yesterday was a huge day for me because my “routine” every six-month scan came back clean. Again clean. Still clean.

More starlight to breathe.

Last week in Minneapolis doing an ice plunge with my older child. What a wake up and exhilaration and love to share with my kid.

More starlight to breathe.

When I remember that each moment is a gift, and when I remember to stay with and for me, and when I remember to allow myself the awe and beauty of the universe and life and my life, I feel calmer and clearer and wholer.

I know I’m on a journey of healing and wholing. I know I’m on a journey of loving myself first, most, and always more and more and more. I know I’m on a journey of living and breathing and rejecting the false truths that I was raised with and integrating the true truths that I have now.

Like the fact that I am breathing starlight in this moment and that I am okay.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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