This morning the universe gifted me with an Instagram clip of Gabor Maté, quoting Winne the Pooh (one of my favorite philosophers!).

“Play is so important, and joy is so important,” he shared.

It feels like that’s all that really needs to be said.

I’m staying with that even more today, with all the pain that’s in the world and the hatred that seems to be rising even more, and with my own “gotta laugh/gotta cry” physical issues again. (I got discharged from my concussion care last week Monday morning…and elbowed in the head last week Monday evening…)

Play is so important, and joy is so important.

I spoke with one of my kiddies this afternoon, who told me about a free Palestine action in a park in Minneapolis where they had face painting and story time for the little kids.

Play is so important, and joy is so important.

It can be so easy to forget or miss the joy that is ours to create and enjoy. It can be so easy to forget to play.

We can be so driven to produce or achieve, which is something I firmly believe we need to let go of. Even more.

We can be so driving to fight that fights that need to be fought, which are outrageously important. And also, I know that play and joy give us the strength and the resilience to keep going. And I also know that it’s not – it can’t be – only about fighting, even with all the suffering and pain in the world. Especially because of all the suffering and pain and trauma in the world.

It also has to be about joy. About life. About embracing all the laughter and lightness we can find and share. About sharing all the light and love we can. About playing and being and breathing.

Because play is so important, and joy is so important.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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