As you may have guessed, I was lucky to spend nearly two weeks in Costa Rica. I am now officially in love with beetles (they are amazing and beautiful), and, overall, the flora and the fauna were an absolute gift to see. Monkeys swinging in the trees outside our Airbnb. Toucans flying tree to tree. So many colorful birds (including some yellow) and flowers and, again, beetles.

I also learned about Pura Vida, which is the unofficial national slogan of Costa Rica. Directly translated, it means Pure Life, but indirectly it means just about everything.

“Cómo está? (how are you)” “Pura vida.” “

“Cómo está tu día? (how’s your day?)” “Pura vida.”

“Hola (hello)” “Pura vida.”

“Adíos (goodbye)” “Pura vida.”

It’s pretty much the answer to everything, and it pretty much is a reminder that life is good and to see the good and enjoy the good and live the good.

Pura vida.

There is so much in the world that needs to be righted. The war in Gaza. The war in Ukraine. Wars and injustice and suffering in so many places.

And even with all that wrong, there is so much right. There is so much beauty and love and connection. There is so much pura vida, that can fuel us to fight for justice, help change what needs to be changed, and be an agent for good.

I do believe that love can and will change the world. Love for our inner selves. Love for our connection to the rest of the world. Love and compassion and kindness and beauty and joy.

Pura vida.

It is a reminder to stop in each moment and reflect. Am I coming from love? Am I making up stories and causing myself pain? Am letting go of my suffering and seeing what’s right? Am I helping to bring more right to what needs to be righted? Am I speaking up for those who don’t have a voice, even if it’s me sometimes? Am I stopping to notice and connect and share and be.

I am letting it all in.

Pura vida.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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