I’ve been sitting with myself a lot.

Or at least breathing with myself.

I’m learning to notice the emotions even more quickly as they come up.

To name them – anxiety, fear, angerjoy, love, heart surging enoughness.

To stay with them yet to not hold tightly onto them.

Sitting still and being with me helps with all of this.

I’m learning (and teaching) to allow all emotions to flow through me. Not to resist the “bad” ones (there are no bad ones, just maybe uncomfortable ones). Not to cling to the “good” ones (you guessed it, there are no good ones, just maybe more comfortable ones).

I’m getting so much better at simply accepting where and how I am, however that may be. With not pushing or striving or even trying to be “better” (which is pretty much the theme of the keynote I’m delivering in the fall). Well, not too much. Not trying to be “better” is a long-time habit that is dying a wee bit hard.

I’m getting so much better at allowing and being and breathing and, again, just being. At being a human being rather than a human doing. Again, that is a long-time habit that can take a wee bit of time to fall away.

I’m remembering that my only “task” is to breathe, to be, to sit, to allow, and to enjoy the yellow birds (and even, dare I say, to enjoy myself).

And to, as always, Love With All My Heart…

As I do the work of sitting with myself and letting the love and joy in.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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