Play is so important, and joy is so important

Play is so important, and joy is so important

This morning the universe gifted me with an Instagram clip of Gabor Maté, quoting Winne the Pooh (one of my favorite philosophers!). “Play is so important, and joy is so important,” he shared. It feels like that’s all that really needs to be said. I’m staying with...

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Good job not dying

Good job not dying

Yesterday was my cancer-versary. Two years ago, I had my everything-ectomy and received my cancer diagnosis. It’s definitely still weird to process. I’m sitting outside nearly all day long these days, either on the daybed on my side porch or in the hammock between the...

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Yes, that really happened

Yes, that really happened

(TW – I write about molestation) It is so easy to downplay some or all of the trauma that happened to us. It’s common to not even really remember it and to disregard or doubt it when we do remember it. This is our body and being’s defense mechanism that kicks in,...

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I asked my older child if they thought self-expression was one of my values

they laughed at me

I know all presentation is self-expression

I certainly like to express myself

especially with my all stars

#tothemoonandback #thoughtfulleaders #baldisbeautiful #cultsurvivor

the magnificence of a sunset

I pause to take in the beauty around (and within) me

I breath deeply and let it sink in

I rewire the trauma-infused parts of my brain and strengthen my networks of love and joy

#tothemoonandback #thoughtfulleaders #baldisbeautiful #cultsurvivor

I’m staying with this today, with all the pain in the world and with my own “gotta laugh/gotta cry” physical issues

my latest blog post - - Play is so important, and joy is so important

#tothemoonandback #thoughtfulleaders #baldisbeautiful #cultsurvivor

I can be on the lookout for wonder



for the universe reminding me of the wholeness of the world

and how I can contribute to it

to stand for what is right

to speak truth to power

to Love With All My Heart

#tothemoonandback #baldisbeautiful #cultsurvivor

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