I can sit with all of this

I can sit with all of this

Last week was a tough week. I had a scare, or at least something that scared me, mostly because of lack of communication from my doctors. That threw me. My kid, who had been here taking such sweet care of me and spending so much scrumptious time with me, left to go...

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A single choice can change your life

A single choice can change your life

“In a single moment – with a single choice – your entire life can be different.” Thank you @jamilareddy for this thought (check out their post). “You can start over. You can end that pattern. You can transform that habit.” I know this, and I needed to hear it again. I...

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I am counting on life being long

Either way I am committed to making it as sweet as possible

One choice, one expression of love, one savoring moment, one explosion of joy at a time

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This can be easy to forget when life doesn't go as I want it to go

But it is important to remember, because, honestly, most of it is trivial

What matters?





Working for change

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