I was best friends with the Messiah’s children

I was best friends with the Messiah’s children

Many people tell me that they couldn’t do what I’m doing. Somehow the fact that I’ve pretty much bared my soul (and my insecurities and anxieties) to friends, family, clients, and strangers – and that I do it over and over again, and more and more, each time I speak...

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2 days ago
@HWDYKYM hey! Thanks for the retweet of @GenerationCult If you have contacts/followers in the UK could you promote this workshop in November?
2 days ago
@DialogCentreUK thank you for retweeting @GenerationCult tweet. There is a workshop in Glasgow on 8 November. Please spread the word (or ask me questions) https://t.co/dTl2MIzyBJ
2 days ago
Thank you @GenerationCult for the chance to spread awareness and tell my story!!! https://t.co/kR4FKRJ4zP LisaKohnWrites photo

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